The Lousy Keyboard on the Motorola Droid is Fixed?

Image representing Droid as depicted in CrunchBase 

In November 2009 Motorola and Verizon released the Droid to much fanfare and adoration.  The reviews were generally great except for one glaring problem repeated time and time again. And although I love the phone, I fully agree. The hardware keyboard sucks!

Do these ReSharper features make it better than CodeRush?

Our Visual Studio IDE enhancer of choice is CodeRush.  I recently hired a developer who gave CodeRush a go after using ReSharper for the last couple years.  He lasted about 2 days.  “It wants me to think in a different way than is natural” was his reaction.  CodeRush’s excellent implementation of templates does force an “unnatural” way of programming to someone who’s never used them.