Guide: How to install Windows Home Server on a boot drive smaller than 160GB

This guide assumes you are creating an installer from a Windows OS with at least .Net Framework 4.0 installed and using a 12GB or bigger USB flash drive.

On the computer used for setup:
  1. Download and unzip WinUSB Maker.
  2. Run WinUSB Maker.
    1. If you have an install DVD put it in the drive, select Setup Folder Bootable Disk, click Browse Setup Folder and select the DVD drive.
    2. If you have an ISO, select ISO Image Bootable Disk, click Browse ISO Image and select your ISO.
  3. Click Make it Bootable and wait for the process to finish.
  4. Download this cfg.ini file and put it on the root of the flash drive.
    The contents are simply:
 On the server:
  1. Ensure that only your desired boot drive is plugged in.  All other hard drives should be disconnected.
  2. Set your server’s BIOS to boot from USB, plug in the freshly created flash drive, and boot up!
  3. Pay attention.  When the first reboot happens yank the flash drive.
Once setup is complete you can plug in any other drives and use as usual.
Have fun working with your smaller than 160GB drive!